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The baccarat game is a game that has had a very special dish during the long centuries of its history. In fact, he has traveled extensively and has completely changed its target audience, going to go through the ages in a really unique and oblique. And 'in fact born as a noble game, restricted to the nights of revelry from the blue blood of the classes that were masters of old Europe before the modern.

During banquets and celebrations of this class of landowners, gambling had unna great importance. They played roulette, blackjack and even baccarat. Indeed, judging by the legacy of gambling who have left us, it seems that they did nothing but play! Their night revelry ended in a brutal and shameful, but the games survived, and spread even among those who were not noble.

Baccarat did not immediately luck exceptional blackjack. It was a game slower and less suitable for gambling dens in which instead blackjack and poker were the masters. Besides, he had the elegance and charm of roulette.

However, when it came time to build the great casinos in Nevada so free and libertine, it was decided to give a respected role in this game. You did in fact return to its origins elitist. Baccarat was welcomed in casinos, but was made available only to players who could afford to bet big money. The baccarat tables were tables for the rich, that normal people watched with admiration as among the papers passed thousands of dollars.

And 'thanks to this found that the fame of casino baccarat grew and acquired a very special aura, that he knew of luxury and money squandered lightly. They were made up in the first tables of mini-baccarat, baccarat that is where you could point numbers within the reach of common people. They came then also the film to complete the scene.

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