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Most players in the blind positions regularly make costly mistakes. They have difficulty in selecting the correct procedure when a good relationship between income and use exists (the so-called pot odds) that are associated with a poor position, and it is often neglected to consider important information. The purpose of this article is to illustrate certain principles that play an important role in the big blind to play properly when one is faced with an increase.

For purposes of this discussion, it is considered as a legitimate increase any increase that does not come from a steal position or any increase that is made after a player is already in the pot enigmatic. As a Steal position the button position, the cutoff (two for the direct right of the button) defined position (to the direct right of the button) and the hijack position. These increases have to show much more respect to go along as stolen and increases your requirements with your hand, should be strengthened.

and a player raises from early position and all other players fold, you get a good price for the game. Often, the immediately offered price is good enough to warrant a go along with the range of sheets of a player in early position.

This essentially means that the flop will lose many leaves more money than they gain. Leaves, which are particularly vulnerable for make leaves with medium-high card strength represents, such as KAZOO. The risk of Domination (that your opponents hold a hand like AK, CHQ or AZ) are huge and if you flop top pair, it is difficult to assign for you from this sheet and have to suffer a loss without a loss. Your opponent on the other hand will often be able to play this hand much more accurately and to use his position to either extract a value or to take free cards if necessary.

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