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In online Craps Craps and live everything revolves around the table . The player at the head of the table is the shooter and throws the dice . For each round the players by predicting a ' bet' how the shooter will do . The table is divided into the possible outcomes of the roll of the shooter . After each round course follows the payout and the table is ready for the next round .

This sounds simple , but start Craps requires some preparation . The game is very popular and everyone can learn , but you have to know all the Craps rules as well . Below you will find the Craps rules clearly explained so that you can start playing Craps quickly.

If you are going to start Craps place your first bet on the "Pass Line " or " Do not Pass Line" . If you're a "Pass Line" bet does, then you are saying that, that the shooter rolls a seven or eleven with his first roll ( come out roll ) throws . If you win , you get the same amount of profit as the bet you bet . That's why we call it an even money bet .

If the shooter rolls a two , three or twelve , you lose with this " Pass Line" bet . However, if you have a " Do not Pass " bet does, you win even money if the shooter rolls a two or three throws .

You lose again with a seven or eleven . If the roll is totally twelve , then the tie . A "point" occurs when the first roll another number yields than the numbers listed above . From the moment once the shooter has scored a point, the game is really interesting .

It is intended that the shooter rolls again this point . He throws until he makes his point or seven throws . He must continue to throw until he loses. Write Craps rules say that you 're playing with the clock, his left the new shooter .

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