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Be aware that poker is a strategy and rational decisions required. Let your influence too much by your emotions, you can not think rationally and go play recklessly. This is the perfect way in no time to lose.  A lot of money Are you even out your mood because you still have lost your good hand and you notice that your emotions go on the course, then it is high time for a pause.

Is wise to fold or to call if you have a flush draw (so almost a flush). The answer is simple: just calculate your pot odds and compare it with your hand odds. So you see automatically whether you should call. For this reason, says one of our most important poker tips whatsoever: learn how pot odds and hand odds calculates.

If you play online, you do not even do the calculation yourself because on the internet you will find numerous calculators that do it for you free. Nevertheless, it is useful if you can follow. Calculating at least In our article on poker strategies you can read more about how to calculate poker odds.

Our latest poker tip: take part in free rolls. these are free tournaments that guarantee a fantastic experience with also the possibility to fill your bankroll. Read our article on poker tournaments for more information about free rolls.

Both live and online poker are popular here. The most played poker game "Texas Hold 'em." In this game, all players dealt two cards face down. Then there are five community cards on the table in three steps that anyone can use (in mind). In total there are 4 betting rounds. After the first two cards can be checked first, bet or raised. Then after the flop (the first three cards on the table), the turn (4th card on the table) and the river (the 5th and last card on the table). If there are at least 2 players in the game after the last incipient, the cards are turned over and the winner is determined.

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