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Leaves as small pairs are good examples of such hands. With a small pair you mainly want to flop a very strong hand like three of a kind or you miss the flop and want to be able to fit securely. They have implied odds here rather than the opposite, implied odds. Leaves, such as line cards of the same color may be less clear to play, but are often playable, considering the price, which is explained to you and playability after the flop.

Playing heads up against a stolen increase, is an entirely different matter. The risk of Domination is much lower, given the wide range, with which most players are willing to raise from late position and leaves out how KAZOO and Know have here a much higher value. Weak aces also have a higher value (leaves, as A7o) if you encounter a stolen increase. If you are a leaf, as have or even AZ, is a re-raise a viable tactic in these situations.

To increase again satisfied at that point two goals. First, it will allow you to pull value from a sheet that is superior to the reach of your opponent leaves. Secondly, it will allow you to get control of the hand and to be in a better position to win if neither you nor your opponent hit the flop, which is often the case in a heads-up pot.

want to play aggressively here. Unlike a multi-way pot, it does not require a particularly strong blade, so it can be called decent with a stolen increase from the confrontation of the blinds. In some flops each pair is good enough to place a bet or push-increase. Other flops like middle pair or need a solid draw. With experience you will learn to identify in which situation you are in and how you should proceed. Poker is one of the most popular card games ever and also diverse. New poker variants have been invented over the decades and over again that can prevail in the market today. The best example is Texas Hold'em, but also Omaha is played like a poker game.

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