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Nearly two centuries in the history Roulette change two brothers Francois and Louis Blanc , the composition of the Roulette wheel and they made the game we know today as Roulette . They changed the color of each box on the wheel in black or red and added the zero plane. They also numbered the surfaces 1 / 36 m .

One of the many legends about Roulette tells the story that the brothers had sold in exchange for their ideas . Their souls to the devil This myth of the Roulette history would be an explanation for the fact that the sum of the wheel is 666 in total .

Some time later in the history Roulette French colonists took the Roulette games to New Orleans . Immediately enjoyed a popularity that the future of Roulette in the U.S. certainly did . While the game spread to the west , there were more and more roulette tables for miners and cowboys in saloons . Among them broke a true Roulette madness from which could be utilized easily. This caused the next leap in the history of Roulette .

Due to the unprecedented popularity of the casinos added an extra level to the wheel , with the symbol of the American eagle or a green "00 " ( as we see in most modern casinos in the U.S.) . This extra box with "00 " almost doubled the home advantage . A veritable cash cow for the expanding casinos.

Despite the legends about Roulette , risk and reputation , many players have their entire fortunes to the spinning wheel . Therefore we can not remember the most famous story in the history of Roulette . A player had all his savings - more than two - hundred thousand dollars at one time used to "red" . Fortunately for him, the ball came to rest on "seven red" and he doubled his money .

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