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At the top is the name of the machine and below you can see the payable on the slot machine. This table shows which combinations on the reels which sums yield according to the online slots rules . The line that runs across the middle of the rollers is the pay line . If the three symbols match on the line , you look at the pay table of the slot machine to see how much you've won . So far the online slots rules not so complicated.

Online slot machines have a button that spins the reels automatically . Two other buttons you can determine the size of your bet . The amount of credits you wager determines which column of the payout table of the slot machine you are using , the first column corresponds to a single credit , the second with two credits , the third with three credits. So the higher your bet, the higher your payout .

Video Slots , however, are more complicated than the slot machines of the above discussed simple slot machine. Most slot machines have four or five reels and some have up to 25 pay lines . In many of these complex pay lines slots you can increase the amount by paying more money. Paying for 25 pay line online slot game is the same as the show 25 times run simultaneously.

Another aspect of the more complicated slot is the bonus game . A bonus game is a kind of small , like video game , mini game that starts when you get a certain combination of symbols. When playing a bonus game you have a little more careful in general . They have a different purpose and offer you great rewards like free spins or bonus money .

And after that last bit of advice , you now know how to play an online slot machine. You may want to start with a simple slot machine , as we described above . There are also many online casinos that offer free games. That is of course the best way to get to know . The slot machine Take a good look around at different online casinos.

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