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You would only around 20% or less of your hands to play. Especially if you are going to play poker for the first time, then you should only play good hands. That does not mean that your starting hand AA always to be, it just means that you need and that you should only play premium hands selective. Players often tend to overestimate, especially if they have a low pair or a high card (A, H, V, B) with a low card. Their hand Taken by the bank that are not good hands and the best thing you can do is make sure that you fold before the flop.

That means you should be bluffing, slow play (play a strong hand as if it is a weak hand) and use sparingly. It sometimes seems as if the poker pros always frivolous play, but that impression is incorrect. You only see the beautiful hands, the rest is by folding all the time, fold and fold again.

Many top players have a tight-aggressive style of play, they play a lot of hands, but if they have a good hand, they know how to bet and how to drag the most money on hold. If you slowplayt, you always run the risk that the hands of other players are getting better. Play your game at first so just solid and straightforward.

Always consider the other players. It is very easy to get around the table if you forget the other players completely you strong focus on your own hand, but you should always take into account what your opponents may have in their hand.

This is easier if you are playing a poker game with community cards, because you have to share the hand. Always remember that the best possible hands that the cards can be formed and how good your hand is compared with those hands on the table. Your hand is not so high and your opponents put high, then it is probably wise to fold.

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