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Poker Tournaments at consist of hours of boredom followed by minutes of sheer terror." Thus, a well-known professional once described live poker tournaments. Also in online poker tournaments is that you do not play most of the cards you get, because they are too poor.

Of course it does not take hours to keep a playable hand, but the sudden rush of adrenaline, to which it may come when you tackle the first betting round is quite the described "terrorist" comparable, at least, is when everything suddenly terribly wrong .

In any case, you need a lot of patience and perseverance for a successful tournament. Tournaments with up to 50 players can certainly with up to 200 players to take two hours, three hours, and tournaments like the Sunday Million on Poker legendary with over 7000 players well, eight hours or more. For this, the winner also receives regularly a six-figure sum. Not a bad hourly wage so.

A poker tournament is played either with the prize pool to generate the players with their buy-in, or with a guaranteed prize pool by the organizer. In addition, free rolls are essentially for a guaranteed prize pool, as well as satellites and qualifiers for major live and online tournaments. It is basically impossible to qualify with the help of cash games for a great online poker tournament.

MITT (multi Table tournaments) are usually tournaments that start at a specified time. SNUG (Sit and Go) tournaments begin immediately, however, as soon as enough players have registered. It can also be played with several tables Snug tournaments but quite. There are providers who offer even Snug tournaments with several hundred players. Omaha is similar to Texas Hold'em played. The difference is that each player begins with four cards face down and can select the combination of cards at the end of two of them. Of the four open cards must always only two may be selected for the best hand.

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