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We reported earlier about live casinos . This type of online casino is a real thrill for the enthusiast. From your armchair you imagine yourself in a real casino. That makes online gambling so much fun. Now there is also live Blackjack. This immensely popular casino card game is perfect to play live.

If you play blackjack in a live casino, you're facing a real dealer. You do not play against the computer, but at a real person. This makes the game much more dynamic immediately. That casino vibe that makes gambling so exciting and interesting, comes to life in a live casino much more than an ordinary online casino. Nowadays the live stream of excellent quality and perfect sound.

If you're ready to play live blackjack then you can create an online casino account. If you create an online casino account, for example Klaver Casino you will receive an instant welcome bonus of 100%. This means that you as a player receives a double play money you paid. Embark ten euro with iDeal Shamrock Casino in your account you will receive ten euro gift.

This means additional betting options with Blackjack Live without having to use extra money to put down. Come as you are still not quite in the Shamrock Casino then you can always contact the customer service. The customer can then help to questions and solve problems so you can continue with playing Blackjack Live from your bedroom. If the player, after receiving his two cards from the dealer, decides that there is no chance of victory may decide to stand, with this shares have lost half their initial bet the dealer, peo ensures not lose everything in your hand if you looks unlikely.

Safe Bet: If the dealer receives an AS in his first letter the player is entitled to make a bet, but only up to half of your original bet, which serves as insurance blackjack and the dealer would have a 30 % to blackjack. This bet pays 2-1, 2 € for every dollar wagered.

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